1-1/4" OD 24" Long Swedged Aluminum Tube Extension

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Product description

This is a swedged 1-1/4" diameter aluminum tube. This aluminum tube is cut to 25-11/16" Long. The tube is sized such that each section ADDS 24" to the length of an assembly.

This makes it easy to build an assembly that uses swedged aluminum tubing.

This is a 1.25" Diameter Aluminum tube. On one end is a hole to accept a steel spring button (from another swedged pole), on the other end is a swedge and spring button. You can stack these swedged poles one into the next into the next.

This item is designed to fit into itself when you buy multiple units. It is also designed to pair with our 1-1/4" OD 24" Long Tube with hole for swedge.

This is a 1.25in OD satin silver anodized swedged aluminum tube with spring button. This tube has 1 preinstalled T-140 Steel Spring button.

Need qty 25+ but need a different length, different diameter, or a different tube finish? Head on over to TestriteOEM for a quote on custom swedged aluminum tubing made to order.

Keep in mind that there is a tolerance +/- on the cutting and the swedging, so assembling multiple sections, the length can vary from the 24" stated. A variance of +/- 1/16" per section is typical. Also keep in mind that this is a thin wall aluminum tube, and that the more sections you assembly together, the more flex/sway the assembly will have. We make no representation that this tubing is right for your application, fully test any assembly in the environment where it will be used to ensure it is safe before use. 1-1/4" OD is 25.4mm, which makes this an almost 25mm swedged aluminum tube. This enables you to make your own DIY swedged aluminum pole assembly.

If you wanted to build as an example a 1.25" OD  6 ft swedged aluminum tube, you would buy Qty 2 of this item and Qty 1 of  1-1/4" OD 24" Tube Extension To Accept Swedge Tube . Want the ends to be nicely closed off? Pair with our 1-1/4" Round Tube End Cap.

Part #: 1250SWEDGE-24-S

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1-1/4" OD 24" Long Swedged Aluminum Tube Extension

$34.00 CAD