1" Aluminum tubing

Testrite offers cut to size aluminum tubes in 1" OD both as 1" square aluminum tubing and round 1" aluminum tubing. Many of these tubes are available in silver finish or black. The .038" wall round tubing is available black anodized and satin silver anodized, and is thin wall tight tolerance drawn aluminum. Our .058" wall x 1" round aluminum tube is also drawn for tight tolerances.

Our 1" aluminum tubing is available in both square and round profiles to meet your specific project requirements.

For those seeking geometric stability and clean lines, our 1" square aluminum tubing with an .040" Wall delivers unparalleled strength per dollar. Perfect for lightweight applications, this tubing is compatible with our plastic corners to make building projects quick and easy.

On the other hand, our 1" round aluminum tube offers a sleek and cylindrical design, ideal for applications where a seamless, continuous appearance is desired. We offer tight tolerance round tubing where noted for telescopic applications. When paired with the appropriate tubing lock, it becomes easy to build your own telescopic tube or DIY telescopic pole.

Both the square and round variants share the inherent benefits of aluminum, including lightweight properties, corrosion resistance, and ease of fabrication. Whether you need the thinnest tube possible or a heavier wall, Testrite Aluminum offers a variety of 1in aluminum tubes and accessories.