About Testrite

Testrite is an American Manufacturer with a specialty in thin wall aluminum telescopic tubing and thin wall aluminum extrusions. We have been continuously family owned and operated since 1919.

Testrite Aluminum stocks most of our aluminum in ~12 Ft lengths. By stocking 12' Lengths of aluminum, we can cut to size based on what you need for your project.

Testrite is a manufacturer, not a storage warehouse. That means we are happy to cut tubing to the size you need without additional charge.

On TestriteAluminum.com we offer for easy online purchase many of the materials that we stock, and we will be adding more products over time.

Need us to manufacture parts for your product? Testrite is an Original Equipment Manufacturer, and we are setup to manufacture custom parts or complete assemblies starting in Qty 25+. To learn more about our custom fabrication capabilities and to request a quote, visit www.TestriteOEM.com.

Need Visual Display products? Testrite Visual Products is the leading US Manufacturer of a wide variety of graphic display solutions, from Banner Stands to SnapeFrames, Charisma SEG frames and Fabric Lightboxes to Drop-In Frames. You can checkout our line of over 2000+ standard products at www.Testrite.com.

Testrite Aluminum, Testrite Visual, and TestriteOEM all leverage the same materials, tooling, and know how, providing all three a wide range of products to draw from.