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Free Shipping on qualifying orders over $250, up to 72” Long*   


Below are some of the questions we anticipate our customers having. If you have a question not covered here, reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

Frequently Asked Questions

Return policy and refund policy

  • Our return policy is viewable here

Custom work & Custom Finishes

  • Can I get these material in other finishes (e.g. Powder Coating) or can Testrite do Fabrication work for me?
    • Yes, Testrite does Powder Coating and we also do metal Fabrication from bending to hole punching, threading to welding, and much much more. Generally our minimums for custom fabrication are 25+ for small customization and 100+ for heavy customization. If you want to buy custom parts, head on over to to learn more about our custom fabrication capabilities, and then click Request Fast Quotation to let us know exactly what you're looking for.


  • What's the Free Shipping Policy?

    • Free Shipping for orders over $250 USD (product amount only, before discounts, excluding taxes and shipping) of extrusions 72” long or shorter, within the contiguous United States by Ground or Freight transportation, freight method at Testrite’s discretion. For shipments to Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and US territories, freight is not included and is charged. Steel bases are excluded from free shipping offer. Note that if ordering 72” long extrusions, adding incremental fractional length in addition to 72" long may result in an order being manually canceled after being placed as free freight offer only applies up to 72” long, not lengths over 72”.
    • Only orders that are placed on are eligible for the Free Shipping offer above. Purchase Orders sent in are not eligible for Free Shipping unless quoted in advance by a member of the Testrite Sales Team.
  • How fast will my order ship?
    • Most orders ship within ~2 business days, excluding holidays. We are open Monday-Friday, East Coast Time.
  • Is everything on the website in stock?
    • We only list items that we inventory. However, on any given day, we may have sold out of an item. We endeavor to mark sold out items as soon as we know we're out. If we cannot fulfill an order because of insufficient material, we will contact you within 1-2 business days to find out if you'd like to wait or cancel the order at no charge.
  • Can I ship on my own UPS/FedEx account?
    • Yes, but not presently with an online order. Build the cart with exactly what you want to order, then forward your emailed receipt to our Customer Service Team. Make sure to include the Ship To Address, desired ship method, account number, and contact phone #. We will process the order offline and contact you for a credit card.
  • Do you ship internationally?
    • For now we only take orders online for the US and Canada. If you're interested in placing a order with shipping to an international address, there's a $250 minimum order, payment is required in advance, and you'll need to supply a UPS/Fedex/DHL label for us to ship with. You can reach out to our Customer Service team

Surface finish

  • What are the finishes available on your website?
    • Silver - Generally, if an item is described as Silver, this means Etch & Clear Satin Anodized, sometimes called Silver anodized tubing. There are some shapes where the Silver offered is a painted silver, not anodized, and that is described in the product description. As of the writing of this, the items currently offered in Silver paint and not anodized include the 1" Square x .040" Tube, and the 2" x 1" OD Oval with Slots.
    • Black - Generally, if an item is described as Black, this means the surface finish is Black anodized tubing. There are some shapes where the Black offered is a painted black, not anodized, and that is described in the product description. As of the writing of this, the item currently offered in Black paint and not anodized is the 1" Square x .040" Tube, and the 2" x 1" OD Oval with Slots.
    • Mill - These tubes are raw metal, they are not finished. Raw aluminum can sweat, and will feel dirty on your hands. Mill finish aluminum can be appropriate for many industrial applications or where tubing is not seen. Mill finish for a steel part means raw steel. Raw steel can rust and you will see surface imperfections (including rust) even with freshly run materials.
  • How perfect should I expect the finish of the tube to be?
    • Material is run with our standard commercial tolerances. Small imperfections and scratches in the aluminum are within our standard commercial tolerance. If you're looking for cosmetic perfection, we may not be the right fit for your project. If you believe your parts came with physical damage, take photos and send them to our Customer Service team along with a description of the issue, your Order #, and how many parts were affected. Please know parts do NOT leave our factory with dents or long scratches, we have found that packaging can look undamaged even after severe abused by the shipping carrier.

Custom extrusion

  • Can TestriteAluminum create a custom extrusion for me?
    • Yes. This involves the design and purchase of an extrusion die, the price for which starts at ~$3,000, as well as an initial purchase of 1,000 lbs of material. We are specialists in thin wall extrusions. Do keep in mind, if all goes well, the earliest you're likely to receive material from your custom die is ~4 months after you approve your design, or later if changes are needed after initial running of the die.

Where can I view your policies?

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