Build Your Own Telescopic Tube

Testrite Aluminum makes it easy to build your own telescopic tube. We provide parts for those want to make their own DIY telescoping pole by offering both tubing and locks.


Below are videos that try to help explain the process of making your own telescoping pole. 

Build Your Own DIY Round Telescopic Aluminum Tube

Watch the video below to learn how to use our Round Telescopic Compatible Aluminum Tubing to build your own DIY Round Telescoping Pole. Then click the links below the video to order parts.

Round aluminum tubing for DIY telescoping poles
Round Telescopic Tubing Locks


Build Your Own DIY Square Telescopic Tube

Check out the video ABOVE to learn about DIY telescopic tubes including both round and square. For more detail about what's possible with Square Telescopic Compatible Aluminum Tubing, take a look at the video below. Please note square locks require glue or epoxy. To buy telescopic square alu tubes and square tubing clamps for telescopic applications check out the links below

Telescopic Compatible Square Aluminum Tubing.
Square Telescopic Tubing Clamps


Build Your Own EMT Telescopic Tubing Assembly with our EMT B locks and your own Electrical Metallic Tubing