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1" Square Aluminum With French Cleat Receptor

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This is a 1" Square Aluminum Tube that also includes a french cleat receptor. This has a wide range of uses. This can be used with Testrite's Build-A-Stand Corners, as well as Testrite's French Cleat extrusion which it's designed to mate with.

This 1" Square Aluminum Tube with channel can be used in a variety of ways. One use can be to hold a panel that's ~1/8" thick at the initial opening, or ~.060" thick that goes all the way to the back.

If you're interested in this item for your project, we recommend purchasing a sample to test and see if it works for you.

Note - The Silver Finish for this item is a pre-painted Silver.

If you want our 1" Square Aluminum tubing without the channel, you can find it here.

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1" Square Aluminum With French Cleat Receptor