B Split Collar Lock 3/4" OD to 1" OD

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Product description

The B Lock is Testrite's strongest telescopic tubing lock. These telescopic locks are designed to pair beautifully with our telescopic aluminum tubing or your own tubing that's 3/4" diameter and 1" diameter.

The B Lock is a Split Collar Lock. This Black plastic lock includes plated steel hardware and phenolic S knob

These adjustable tubing clamps are used for telescoping a 3/4" OD tube inside of a 1" OD tube. This adjustable tubing lock is perfect engaging a .75" tube inside of a 1" tube or 1in tube. The lock serves two functions, both to reduce the play between the inner and outer tube, as well as to lock or clamp the inner tube into a fixed position in relation to the outer tube.

Size refers to the Outside Diameter (OD) of the tubing - larger diameter is fixed, smaller diameter slides through. Bulk packed - Ships FAST.

Making your own telescoping tubing assembly and just want to buy our strongest telescoping lock? The B Split Collar Lock is ready for online ordering!

Lock tightens onto tubing with tension, no adhesive required!

Note - We recommend purchasing samples of these telescoping clamps to test with your tubing before large runs, as your tubing sizes and ovality may vary.

Want us to quote your entire telescopic tubing assembly including these tube clamps? Or need a larger volume of telescopic tubing locks? Submit a Request for Quotation here.

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B Split Collar Lock 3/4" OD to 1" OD

$15.00 USD