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Ball Swivel Dicast Assembly

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Product description

The Ball Swivel Die cast Assembly is a versatile locking aluminum swivel ball joint that can be used in photography, videography, hunting, fishing, sports, medicine, and in many other fields.

The unit includes a Zinc Die cast swivel body in two halves. The two halves join together with a plastic S knob. At the bottom is a 1/4-20 thread. At the top is a ball swivel with a 1/4-20 thread. The ball swivel has knurling on it to increase friction. This tilt turn and rotate adjustable knuckle enables a wide range of positioning.

Standard these swivels are mill finish (raw) with a silver sheen.

Our standard versions include:

  • Ball Swivel Female - Female 1/4-20 Thread at the top and the bottom to receive a 1/4-20 thread
  • Ball Swivel Male top with puck female bottom - 3/4" long male 1/4-20 thread sticking out on top, aluminum tightening puck, female thread on bottom

If you need a custom version, whether it's a different thread, a different finish (e.g. powder coated a color), or need something else unique and need 100 or more, reach out to us via the Contact Us page.

Note that while our standard ball swivel comes with a knob, the knob can be replaced with a hex head bolt for MUCH stronger holding power, important in applications where being able to "lock" the ball swivel into position is key and having to use a wrench is a non-issue. Note the version sold on comes with the knob, but in quantity we can quote with the hex head bolt, or you can replace it manually.

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Ball Swivel Dicast Assembly