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End Cap for Round Tubing

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Product description

These end caps are tested to work with our aluminum tubing. These are flat end caps that have a plastic body that allows them to be press fit into the end of our round tubing. These end caps are compatible with our telescopic aluminum tubing.

The round end caps are perfect to close off our round tubing, providing a nice finished look, as well as providing protection.

End caps are sold in sets of 10 and bulk packed. Orders of quantities may all be shipped in one bag or box to minimize packaging waste (e.g. ordering qty 10 we would supply 1 bag of 100 pcs).

Select the size you need, as we offer for sale:

Flat end cap for 1/2" Diameter Round tubing are ideal for our 0.5" diameter aluminum tubes. Our 5/8" Round end caps are designed to work with our 0.625" round tubing. Our 3/4" End Cap for round tubing works well with our 0.75" telescopic tubes. In larger sizes, our 7/8" round end cap works with our 0.875" drawn tubing in 0.038" and 0.049" wall. The same is true for our 1" round end cap which is flat and works with both our 0.038" and 0.049" wall tubing. Our 1-1/8" end cap works perfectly with our 1.125" diameter telescoping tubes. Our 1-1/4" round end cap works with our 1.25" round tubing. The same goes for our 1-3/8" end cap which mater beuatifully with our 1.375" round tubing. The largest size we offer is our 1-1/2" round end cap which is designed to work with our 1.5" round tubing.

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End Cap for Round Tubing