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Monster Frame Full Drop In Frame Extrusion

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The Aluminum Monster frames when assembled are 1 1/4” wide across the front, 1” deep and have an inner track to accept a 1/4" graphic or other media, 1/4" ID. To make a 4 sided slide in frame requires Qty (12) C-102 corner brackets. We recommend also using the Monster aluminum frame reinforcement L Corners in the corners for strength. In terms of the extrusion, make a drop-in frame, use three sides of the Monster Frame Full Aluminum Extrusion and two sections of the Monster Frame Half Aluminum Extrusion which becomes the open side. If you want to make a closed in frame where the graphic will not be changed, you can use just this regular Monster extrusion. Need to add a split in the frame? Use the UC-180 joiner, and pair it with the Monster straight U Joiner bracket for strength with the Monster Frame Full Aluminum Extrusion. These extrusions are sold without instructions, for fabricators who know what they’re doing. No fabrication guides are included.

Want to buy a complete fabricated Monster frame? Head over to Testrite Visual.

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Monster Frame Full Drop In Frame Extrusion