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TBBN3 117" A Clutch Jumbo

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Product description

  • Aluminum telescopic tube assembly
  • 3 x Sections - 1-1/2", 1-3/8", and 1-1/4" diameter (OD)
  • Max open - 117", Min closed 42"
  • 2 x A Style Clutch lock
  • Satin silver or Matte Black
  • Female 1/4-20 threaded connector installed in 1-1/4" end, 1-1/2" end open
  • All tubes captive - can't slide out
  • Thin wall aluminum tubing
  • Bulk packed

These telescopic 117" Long aluminum tubes assemblies are over 96" long, providing an over 8 ft telescopic aluminum tube assembly. In fact, these are nearly 120" long telescopic tubes or 10 ft long telescopic tubes. These can be purchased in qty 1, ad we stock them in Satin Silver and Matte Black.

This telescopic tube in 1.5", 1.375", and 1.25" diameters is a larger diameter providing increased strength and rigidity. For these tube sizes actual and nominal tube sizes are the same.

This telescopic tube in 1-1/2" diameter, 1-3/8" diameter, and 1-1/4" diameter is a great combination of strength, stability, and economy.

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TBBN3 117" A Clutch Jumbo