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TBVCMTE 24" Mini Telescopic Tube

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Product description

  • Telescopic tube assembly, our VCMTE is a great telescopic aluminum tube for very lightweight applications. This tube is 2 sections and includes a 3/8" diameter tube that telescopes inside of a 1/2" diameter tube. To make it easy to attach to other apparatus, we preinstall a female 1/4-20 thread on each tube end. Note this is thin wall tubing in a small diameter with a clutch lock. We make no representations as to how much weight or force this will bear, but we have manufactured these for years and they're successfully used in a variety of countertop applications. These are an ideal telescopic tube for small frames. This is a great 24" long telescopic tube. This 2 ft telescopic tube collapses to a little over 1 foot (13-3/4"). We sometimes call this a miniature telescopic aluminum tube with 1/4-20 threads.
  • 2 x Sections – 1/2", and 3/8" diameter (OD)
  • Max open – 24", Min closed 13-3/4"
  • 1 x A Style Clutch lock
  • Tubing Matte Black or Satin Silver
  • Female 1/4-20 female bushings installed in 3/8" end and 1/2" end All tubes captive - can't slide out
  • Thin wall aluminum tubing
  • Bulk packed
  • Additional custom sizes, locks, connectors, and much more available!
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TBVCMTE 24" Mini Telescopic Tube