Top 5 Aluminum Extrusions for Scene Design, Millwork and Exhibit Builders

In the world of design and construction, precision and versatility are key components to turning imaginative concepts into tangible reality. That reality is conveyed through graphic imagery, including the printing of wide format graphics, installed into graphic frames and graphic extrusions.
Testrite Aluminum stands out as an industry leader with a wide range of extrusions to hold graphics.Providing a diverse range of extrusions tailored to the unique needs of scene designers, set builders, stage builders, millwork builders, and exhibit builders, with a large stock inventory. This blog post explores some of the most relevant extrusion profiles from Testrite Aluminum for these industries, including Silicon Edge Graphic extrusions, snap frame extrusions, 1" square aluminum tubing system with 2-way and 3-way corners, aluminum tubing graphic structures, and more.
  1. Silicon Edge Graphic Extrusions: Unleashing Visual Brilliance

Testrite Aluminum's Charisma Silicon Edge Graphic extrusions offer a revolutionary solution for graphic displays. These SEG extrusion profile lengths provide a sleek and seamless appearance by securing graphics with a silicon edge, ensuring a professional finish. Whether you are working on a theatrical set, an exhibition booth, or a corporate event stage, these extrusions enable you to achieve a polished and visually striking look. Testrite Aluminum offers multiple non-lit frames, front lit frames, and frames that can be backlit with your own lighting solution. Need an SEG Cube, SEG Triangle, or SEG Tower? Check out the Charisma 3D which offers amazing POP, and can also be lit with our Torpedo LED Light for lighting graphic towers.

  1. Snapframe Extrusions: Effortless Graphic Changes

For those who require flexibility in graphic displays, Testrite Aluminum's Snap Frame extrusion profiles are a game-changer. These extrusions allow for quick and easy graphic changes without compromising the structural integrity of the design. Scene designers, exhibit builders, and stage builders can now adapt to evolving requirements with minimal effort, ensuring a dynamic and adaptable visual presentation. Need to change branding from one episode to another or one show to another? Snapframes make it easy.

  1. 1" Square Tubing System: Building Foundations for Creativity

The 1" square aluminum or steel tubing system from Testrite Aluminum serves as a robust foundation for various creative endeavors. With 2-way and 3-way corners, this system offers unparalleled versatility in constructing frames, structures, and support systems. Millwork builders and set designers can rely on this tubing system to bring their visions to life, providing stability and durability for intricate designs.

  1. Aluminum Tubing Graphic Structures: Merging Form and Function

Testrite Aluminum offers a number of solutions to build graphic structures and graphic towers out of aluminum tubing, round or square. Scene builders can pair the 1-1/4" Round tubing plastic corners with our 1-1/4" Aluminum Tubing to build small or large scale graphic structures that marry form and function seamlessly. These structures offer a lightweight yet durable solution for constructing captivating visual displays. Ideal for exhibit builders and set designers, these graphic structures provide a visually stunning backdrop while maintaining the flexibility to accommodate various graphic elements. Prefer to buy a pre-build display? Testrite Visual offers a variety of Tension Fabric Structures all built with swedge and spring button construction.

  1. More Extrusions, More Possibilities: Exploring Testrite Aluminum's Full Range

Beyond the highlighted extrusions, Testrite Aluminum offers a comprehensive array of aluminum extrusion profiles to hold graphics, from double channel keder rails to round and square tubing, from SEG extrusion lengths to aluminum slatwall to hold merchandise. From custom extrusions to specialty profiles, their our commitment to meeting the unique demands of the design and construction industry is evident. Builders and designers can explore a vast selection to find the perfect extrusions to elevate their projects.

Testrite Aluminum's dedication to innovation and quality shines through its diverse range of extrusions tailored for scene design, set builders, stage builders, millwork builders, and exhibit builders. The Silicon Edge Graphic extrusions, snap poster frame extrusions, 1" square aluminum tubing system, aluminum tubing graphic structures, and more offer a toolkit for turning creative visions into breathtaking reality. In the dynamic world of design and construction, Testrite Aluminum stands as a reliable partner, empowering builders and designers to transform their creativity into awe-inspiring results.